The Catch

Research the exhilarating fights you'll have in the waters of Costa Rica.

Blue Marlin

Peak Season: April – September
Blue Marlin, a prized catch for anglers, can be found in deep offshore waters. The Blue Marlin provides a fantastic fight as you reel it in. The 2 Night 2 Day Seamount Fishing Trip provides an excellent opportunity to target these majestic creatures.


Peak Season: Year-round
Tuna, known for their speed and strength, are prevalent in Costa Rican waters. They can be found near underwater seamounts and structures, making them a prime target for our 2 Night 1 Day Seamount Fishing Trip adventures.

Dorado (Mahi-Mahi)

Peak Season: Year-round
Recognizable by their vibrant colors, Dorado are a common sight in Costa Rica. They are often found near floating debris and weed lines. The 2 Night 2 Day Seamount Fishing Trip offers excellent chances to encounter Dorado along with other pelagic species.


Peak Season: December – February
The Wahoo is renowned for its sleek, torpedo-shaped body and distinctive markings. This agile predator is known to frequent both coastal and offshore areas, making it a versatile and intriguing catch for anglers. 


Peak Season: December – April
Sailfish, with their iconic sail-like dorsal fin, prefer offshore waters and are often found near continental shelves. The 12 Hour Seamount Trip is well-suited for targeting Sailfish.

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